Chrysler Theatre reopens with lineup of live shows and kids' camp | St. Clair College
Thursday, October 21, 2021
The newly renovated Chrysler Theatre is now open after being shuttered for nearly 18 months.
The Chrysler Theatre is located inside the St. Clair College Centre for the Arts in downtown Windsor.

The newly renovated Chrysler Theatre is now open after being shuttered for nearly 18 months.

Veronica Mancini is the Manager of Chrysler Theatre and said reopening after such a long period of inactivity makes it feel like the St. Clair College Centre for the Arts has been in hibernation for over a year and is now ready to spring open like a flower.

“It’s refreshing to see people in the building once again and to bring in that live entertainment that we’re known for,” Mancini said. “We usually do between 80-85 big production shows each year, so we’re very excited about the quality acts we have lined up for future concerts, kids shows, musicals and comedy acts.”

Since the theatre closed in 2020, Mancini said extensive renovations have been made to improve its aesthetic with a much-needed makeover. A new HVAC system, LED lights, chairs in the orchestra level and seats in the audience gallery were all installed during the theatre’s downtime.

“I’m so happy that we have made these improvements because we took advantage of the time we had and improved the theatre and the experience for our patrons without having to book off a month or two of shows to make it happen,” said Mancini. “The Chrylser Theatre is a staple for entertainment in our city and we want to try and maintain it for as long as possible, so I'm proud we did what we did with the time we had.”

Musical Theatre Performance students at St. Clair have been busy at work perfecting their craft since school began this September but the stage will soon be graced by the Chrysler Theatre Kids Musical Theatre Camp for children 8-14 years old. Camp attendants will learn from professional actors, singers and choreographers each Saturday from 10am-1pm through to April 2 when the camp will culminate with a production of Roald Dahl’s timeless classic, Willy Wonka Jr.

“It’s going to be a relief to be able to go watch live entertainment again,” Mancini said. “We have all been streaming our shows on small screens in 2-D. It’s time to get people back into the theatre to experience things in 3-D and 4-D.”

A lineup of shows in 2022 at Chrysler Theatre can be found here: Upcoming Events - Chrysler Theatre