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Kushal Patel standing in front of the Detroit river with the GM Renaissance Center in the background.
Krista Rusenstrom, 37, is a member of the student group, SC Instruments, that built an echocardiogram which is Bluetooth capable.
Prep Doctors CEO Firas Abu Saleh and St. Clair College President Patti France sign an agreement to help internationally-trained dentists learn the essentials of Canadian dental practices.
A diverse group of St. Clair College students and their dynamic ideas to modernize a small-town café recently earned them $10,000 in prize money at the Odette-Peddie Amherstburg Case Challenge.
Zachery Dereniowski has gained millions of followers on Tik Tok by posting videos of himself interacting with the public through kind gestures.
College President Patti France and other officials stand next to an Electric Vehicle prototype.
Members of the St. Clair College community and local businesses are encouraged to help those in need by supporting the Socks and Bottoms fundraiser at South Campus on Dec. 5.
These are qualities that we value in all aspects of our lives. We rely upon our family members and friends being honest with us, because that is the root of mutual trust. We hope that our political leaders will be scrupulously ethical so that they will strive to work with dedication on our behalf. We want our sports heroes to exhibit integrity to avoid scandalous episodes of cheating.
A virtual ceremony has been set to celebrate the Premier's Awards for outstanding College graduates in 2021. The online celebratio­­n will take place Thursday, Nov. 18, with comedian and TV host James Cunningham serving as MC.