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About Our Scholarship Program

The St. Clair College Foundation’s general scholarship program aims to match deserving students with financial awards that support their post-secondary journey. While students must be in good academic standing to be eligible, scholarships are awarded for varying reasons. We proudly work with each of our donors to determine the specific criteria for their award(s) which may include program qualifications, academics, extracurricular participation, and/or financial need.

Each year, the St. Clair College Foundation awards more than $550,000 in general scholarships to approximately 715 recipients. These awards provide students with the financial support they require to continue their studies, in addition to the intangible benefits of being a scholarship recipient.

The 2023-2024 Scholarship Application is now closed.

Foundation Endowments & Annual Bursaries
Effective 2023, St. Clair College will increase all endowments & bursaries to a minimum amount of $1000 to be allocated for each award.

How to Apply

The general scholarship application is available each year from October 1 to December 1. Students can apply through their Student Information System (SIS) account and are only required to complete a single scholarship application, per year.

The St. Clair College Foundation works with selection committee(s) made up of faculty, administration, college staff and donors to select successful candidates for available scholarships. Successful candidates are notified via their college email and provided details of their award(s).

Traditionally scholarship awards are presented to students in March of each year at our Annual Scholarship Awards Banquet. This special evening allows us to celebrate the success of our students and the generosity of our donors.

Apply for Scholarships

Scholarship FAQs

Current, full-time students who have a satisfactory academic standing (minimum Grade Point Average of 2.0 or higher) and a valid Social Insurance Number (SIN) are eligible to receive a scholarship and should apply during the application period.

Applications are open each year from October 1 until December 1 and can be accessed through your my.StClair login under ‘scholarship’ – this will link you to the application in your Student Information System (SIS). Students complete one application per year and can then be matched with any internal scholarship based on their qualifications. Successful candidates will be notified in February via their college email.

Most scholarships are available to both international and domestic students. Once you have submitted your scholarship application, we will work with our selection committees to best match candidates with available awards.

Scholarship selections happen at the beginning of each year, successful candidates are typically notified by late February and receive their scholarship cheques at our Annual Scholarship Awards Banquet(s) in March. Students must attend their scholarship banquet to receive their award.

A Tuition Bursary is awarded once per academic year to students with financial need whereas scholarships may be awarded to students for varying reasons beyond just financial need and are valued up to $5,000. To apply for a bursary or a scholarship, a student must be a domestic student in good academic standing and must complete an application. Click the following link for more information on bursaries.

Yes. Some students may receive more than one scholarship per year, while we work to provide as many students as possible with a scholarship, there are some students who receive multiple scholarships based on criteria and eligibility. Students can receive up to $5,000 in scholarship awards.

Yes. You are required to declare your scholarship to OSAP.