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Since 1967 St. Clair College has graduated more than 115,000 alumni whose knowledge, skills and expertise have been the backbone of our economy locally, nationally and around the world.

Their talents and entrepreneurial spirit have generated billions of dollars of economic growth and their impact is felt in every sector of the economy. They are our health care specialists, doctors, dentists, financial gurus, law enforcement officers, veterinarians, horticulturists, business leaders, manufacturing experts, artists, animators, automotive mechanics, child caregivers and teachers. They are the chefs at our favourite restaurants.

We celebrate their commitment, passion and dedication to build a better life for their families and their communities.

We celebrate their decision to choose a college education which gave them a foundation of knowledge and life experience in order that they may achieve their goals.

$1000 towards your degree at St. Clair College

$1,000 Alumni Scholarships are now available exclusively to our alumni who are interested in pursuing their degree in one of St. Clair College's two degree programs.

Click the link for information on the Honours Bachelor of Applied Arts in Social Justice & Legal Studies program.

Click the link for information on the Honours Bachelor of Business Administration (Information Communication Technology) program.

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