Student Life | St. Clair College

Student Athletic Association (SAA)

The Student Athletic Association encourages St.Clair's students to make constructive use of leisure time to acquire new physical skills and enhance fitness. The S.A.A. intramurals programs stimulate social interaction with other students, facilitating the development of proper attitudes and sportsmanship.

Intramurals Include:
Recreational activities, individual and team sports, competition, tournaments, day trips, and special events.

You Can Participate If:
You are a full-time student who has paid the Student Service Fee. Part-time students do not have the service fee built into their tuition costs and therefore must pay it before participating. Varsity team members are not allowed to compete in their respective sports with some exceptions (Check individual sports rules).

You Can Sign Up By:
Visiting the Student Athletic Association office in Room 283A. Sign up sheets are available for all sports/activities.

Aquatic Services:
Aquatic Services offers the use of the swimming pool to all full-time students free of charge. Recreational Swimming & Lap Swimming is available to the students year-round with a valid student ID card. Please visit for an up to date schedule of available times.

Please check in with the Lower Deck - Room 173 upon entry and show your student card. Other programs are available and can be viewed in the Continuing Education Calendar or at the above website.

Department of Athletics & Recreation

The Athletics & Recreation department also offers the use of a Dry Sauna (located in the male and female change rooms adjoining the pool) to full-time students free of charge. Please check in with the Lower Deck Room 173 upon entry.

Student Representative Council (SRC) - Windsor

The Student Representative Council (SRC) is an incorporated, government-like body, which provides a variety of services to students - and represents them and their interests in dealings with other agencies, both inside and outside the college.

There are a lot of things your student government does on your behalf!

  • Operates/oversees most of the food services on campus, providing numerous part-time jobs for students
  • Manages the college's Student Centres and several other facilities
  • Stages entertainment and awareness events on an almost weekly basis
  • Administers the health insurance plan for domestic students (prescriptions, dental and vision)
  • Provides funding and oversight of student clubs
  • Provides student publications and informative social media
  • Operates a food bank for needy students
  • Operates a copy centre
  • Manages and staffs several of the college's computer labs
  • Manages the varsity Esports team ("Saints Gaming")
  • Provides volunteer opportunities for students (event promotion, SafeWalk night-time parking lot escorts, Sexual Violence Prevention awareness)
  • Stages "lunch and learns" on a variety of important topics, including employability skills
  • Stages multicultural and family (parental student) events

Its officials also act as resource personnel to assist students who are involved in grade appeals and other on-campus procedural matters.

Do you have an idea which may improve the academic or social atmosphere at the college?

Drop into the SRC office or call the office at (519) 972-2716, or visit

In addition to the leadership opportunities available by becoming a member of the SRC's Board of Directors, there's another way to get directly involved; Become a Class Rep. Early in the year, each class at the college is encouraged to appoint or elect a Class Rep as a liaison to the SRC. Every month, the Class Reps meet with SRC officials, to obtain information about upcoming campus events, and to voice their classes' concerns and suggestions to the council's members.

Thames Students Incorporated (TSI) - Chatham

Thames Students Incorporated (TSI) is Chatham's student government and act as an alliance between students and college staff. TSI handles all formal complaints and concerns submitted by students.

TSI consists of the President and Vice-President who in turn, appoint directors. TSI also has one full-time employee, and it encourages each class to select class Reps at the beginning of each year. This person is responsible for keeping his/her class informed of all current events, as well as bringing class concerns or suggestions to the TSI staff. TSI is always open to new ideas and suggestions.

The TSI offices are located in the Student Centre at the far end of Thames Campus. In the lounge area, there is a big-screen TV, tables and chairs and couches for lounging, pool table, ping-pong table, foosball tables, and an outdoor patio. TSI also offers a wide range of events and services including:

  • Themed Pub Nights
  • Frosh Week and Orientation events
  • PigFest
  • Trips (Cedar Point, theatre, sporting events, etc.),
  • Family Christmas party
  • Intramural sports and the Thames hockey team
  • Peer tutoring, class senators, bursaries, student photo ID card production, graduation photos, a student health/drug-rebate insurance, and food vouchers.

Get involved, and let your voice be heard!

TSI can be reached at (519) 354-9100, Ext. 3721 or visit