Business students help Downtown Mission with social enterprise | St. Clair College
Friday, September 10, 2021
A basket with burger and fries in it.

St. Clair College and the St. Clair College Alumni Association are working with the Downtown Mission’s new social enterprise, to help end hunger locally, while at the same time helping local restaurants survive these challenging times.

Earlier this year, several of St. Clair College’s Honours Bachelor of Business Administration Information Communication Technology (BBA-ICT) students worked with the Downtown Mission and, a local meal delivery service, to research and present suggestions on how to improve the marketing of this new service and the Mission’s social enterprise connected to it. The and Mission Leadership Teams were so pleased with the quality proposals the students presented that a request for financial support to help the Mission continue working with some of these talented students over the summer quickly followed.

The St. Clair College Alumni Association stepped up and put some funding towards the cause to help current students further develop their skills in a job opportunity they were interested in while helping over 150 local restaurants on the meal delivery platform increase business and helping the Mission provide food to those who are hungry.

"Technology is transforming the world in which we live and St. Clair College's new Honours Bachelor of Business Administration ICT degree program, recognizes the importance of digital skills in all areas of business," said College President Patti France. "We are pleased to be training a future workforce that will have the foundational knowledge to play a key role in small business startups like and community organizations like the Mission."

The Downtown Mission’s Executive Director, Rev. Ron Dunn says, "We are so grateful for the financial support of the St. Clair College Alumni Association as well as the support of the College’s students. With their help, we have been able to increase awareness and usage of the meal delivery platform over the summer months and will continue working on further improvements over the fall as well. Every order placed through not only helps our local restaurants as they pay no additional fees to this local meal service platform, but each order also helps feed people who are hungry right here in Windsor-Essex as restaurants donate five percent of each order to the Downtown Mission."