Projects | St. Clair College

Goodwill Committee

The Retirees Association has a Goodwill Committee to support our members upon the receipt of awards, for special achievements or in times of illness or bereavement.

Members are encouraged to leave a message at (519) 972-2727 ext 4439 or send an email to

Archive Project

The Retirees' Association has assumed responsibility for collecting, identifying and cataloguing items and objects that depict the history of the College. This work is consistent with part of the Association's mission which is to "preserve and promote" the College's past.

Many photos, slides, clippings, trophies, plaques, and articles of clothing have been collected and catalogued, along with yearbooks and journals.

The project is now well underway and has no deadline. Anyone interested in helping out is most welcome. If you have materials to contribute or wish to help in any way, please contact any member of the Association executive or Art Rae or Lea Simms-Garber.

Art Collection

The Retirees' Association has assumed responsibility for managing the College's art collection. Starting back in 1999, Shirley Zokvich and Bob Woods inventoried and catalogued the entire collection. This information is now available in print and on disk, thanks to the work of Bill Jones and Ken Wilcox. As art pieces are moved, added or removed, the database is amended.

The Association remains committed to maintaining the collection and will continue to explore ways to have the outstanding pieces either displayed on the various campuses or stored properly.

Many thanks to the many retirees who have worked to preserve this valuable collection.

Retirement Planning Workshops

The St. Clair College Retirees’ Association has provided assistance to potential retirees of St. Clair College by offering workshops that address significant issues faced by those who are close to retirement. These include information on legal issues for seniors and retirees; pensions; benefits plans; and general retirement considerations. These workshops have included presentations by experts in the fields of the CAAT Pension Plan and the Retiree Extended Health Benefit Plans.