Parking Process | St. Clair College

Obtaining a free parking permit/tag for Windsor or Chatham campuses

As part of your NEW paid membership with the SCCRA, you can apply for a Retiree Parking tag/permit for use when at the Main Windsor campus or at the Chatham campus.

If you don’t live in the Windsor-Essex or Chatham-Kent regions or don’t have any desire to come to either campus, you can ignore the remainder of this broadcast.

The following text has some hints on using the procedures listed in the attached Adobe PDF file you will need to use in order to obtain the tag/permit. If it will be a renewal, when you log in, you will likely need to reset your account password. Who remembers what they used a year or two ago?

If you’ve never logged in to get a parking permit before, unlike the olden days when you could just pick one up (after paying the yearly fee), just follow the instructions to create a new account. If it asks for an ID number, check the form Marilyn sent you with your membership card. It may be a variation of your old employee number. Don't see it? Contact Marilyn at

A procedural hint: Use MS Edge or Google Chrome; Firefox has issues with the web pages.

After going to the page, look for links titled Parking Self Service or Parking Services Self Service.

Due to college ‘privacy issues’, you cannot apply for a permit for your SO’s vehicle (assuming they are also a college retiree. They must apply separately although according to the instructions, they can specify someone else to pick the permit up.

You will also have to visit the college (after 5 business days, not including the day you applied) to pick up your tag/permit.

The trickier part is the password (reset) sequence. Everything else should go smoothly.

If you have any difficulties, the instruction file has contact information at the college.

Good Luck