T2202 FAQ's | St. Clair College

Available end of February each year.

Through SIS: Main Menu > Self Service > Campus Finances > T2202 Tuition Tax Receipt.

Forms cannot be emailed, should you not have access to SIS and need a form you can call the Registrar's Office and request one be mailed to you (519-972-2759) or Pick one up from the Registrar's Office in person with a photo ID.

The winter semester fees that you paid in the fall of the previous tax year will not be included in the current tax receipt because they're for courses taken for the following tax year. These tuition fees will be reported on the following tax years T2202.

You may submit the T2202 as received even if the address is incorrect.

Please note: it is not necessary for students to submit the T2202 form with the tax return, but they must produce it if requested by Revenue Canada.

Tuition paid by Government Grant is not eligible for a T2202.

Once a T2202 has been created and filed with CRA a SIN number cannot be added. You can update it for future tax years in your MYST.CLAIR SIS.

T2202’s that were processed without a valid SIN will display as 999-999-999, this is not invalid and you can still file your income tax using your T2202.

If you cannot update your SIN through your SIS or if you require any corrections to incorrect SIN information, please contact the Registrar’s Office.

Students must use the Tuition and Education Credit Certificate (T2202) on their own tax return until the Federal Tax payable is reduced to zero, after which the student may then transfer the balance of the credit to another eligible party using the reverse side of the T2202 form, as per the Income Tax Act. This requires the student's signature. Forms must be downloaded and accessed by the student directly.

The total amount of fees paid may not necessarily correspond to your T2202 because not all of your fees are tax-deductible. Also, the T2202 is based on the tax year (January - December) not the school year (September - April).

  • Fees Not Eligible for Tuition Deduction

Administration fees, Alumni Fee, Financial/Late Fees, General Interest Courses, Goods & Services Tax (GST), Interest Charges, Liripipe, Locker Fees, Material Fees, Miscellaneous Fees, Parking Fees, Textbooks

The tuition amounts eligible for a course that crosses two tax years are divided by a percentage equal to the contact hours achieved in each year.

Students who are beginning their studies outside of Canada do not need to submit a SIN. When you come to Canada you will be able to obtain your SIN. If you were in Canada previously and have a SIN, you may provide it using the secure method through your MYST.CLAIR SIS.

Please refer to the Government of Canada website for more information on income taxes for International Students.