Accounting Bridge | St. Clair College

Program Code: BA99

Pathway for the Honours Bachelor of Business Administration (Information Communication Technology) program.

Requires a 2.5GPA cumulative program average in order to qualify for enrollment into this Bridge Pathway.

Bridge Semester
Code Title Credits
BBIC103 Introduction to Computer Configuration 3
BBIC200 Introduction to Computer Programming 3
BBIC202 Network Configuration 3
Semester 5
Code Title Credits
BBIC500 Operations Management & ERP 3
BBIC501 Strategic IT Management 3
BBIC502 Business Driven Information Systems 3
BBIC302 Principles of Computer & Network Security 3
BBIC301 Database Management 3
Semester 6
Code Title Credits
BBIC402 New Trends in Information Communication Technology 3
BBIC601 Rich Media Communications 3
BBIC602 Integrative Business Simulation 3
BBIC400 Business Intelligence & Analytics 3
BBIC403 Solutions for Network Communications 3
Code Title Credits
BBIC610 Work Integrated Learning Internship 28
Semester 7
Code Title Credits
BBIC700 Global Business Management 3
BBIC701 Project Management in an IT Environment 3
BBIC702 Business Process Management 3
BBIC703 Information Communication Technology Capstone Project Phase 1 3
BBIC503 Professional Negotiations for Success 3
Semester 8
Code Title Credits
BBIC800 Information Communication Technology Capstone Project Phase 2 3
CMST803 Leadership Foundations 3
BBIC801 Starting New Ventures and Managing Entrepreneurial Operations 3
BBIC802 IT Service Management 3
BASJ102 Critical Thinking and Argument Development 3