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John Ulakovich
519-972-2727 ext. 5858


Please use the links below for information regarding Admission Requirements and how to apply. Our international office will review your application for eligibility. We do accept students with a Diploma or degree in a relevant field from a recognized college or university or demonstrated competence through related work.

We have a Fall, Winter, and Spring intake each year.

The students in our program are eligible to work up to 20 hour / week during regular school terms/semesters and up to 40 hours a week during scheduled breaks.  

Both program codes offer the same courses and B018 is offered at our downtown Windsor Campus. The program code M018 is offered at our Ace Acumen Campus - GTA.

The amount highlighted below is the total for semesters 1 and 2.   

B018 Fee Structure

Tuition Fee Sheet

Students with fee inquiries can reference the Student Fee Structure online. 

Please see the link below for additional information regarding fees. 


Tuition bursaries are available to domestic and international post-secondary students who are registered full-time and have a satisfactory academic standing (minimum GPA 2.0) 

Please click the following link for details.


It is first come first serve, so there isn’t a deadline, but given the popularity of the program it’s recommended that students apply early.

We do have some work opportunities on campus and in the community. Our program doesn’t offer co-op, but we do have a capstone course in semester 4 with local public and private partners.

If you start our program in September your scheduled breaks would have a few weeks in December and approx. 4 months in the spring/summer beginning in May.

The program is two years or 4 semesters and would qualify you for PGWP.

 Please see the following website for details regarding PGWP.