RISE ABOVE THE COMPETITION Soft Skills Workshop Series to Focus on Personal Growth | St. Clair College
Friday, February 10, 2023
RISE ABOVE THE COMPETITION Soft Skills Workshop Series to Focus on Personal Growth

St. Clair College Student Services and Career Services have partnered to bring a series of workshops to help students learn the communications skills that employers are asking for.  Beginning on February 15th, these lunchtime learning labs will happen every Wednesday from 12-1pm and will focus on the students’ interpersonal development and growth.  The sessions will be in person at the main campus in Windsor but will also be live streamed for our Chatham and Downtown students.  

These “Soft skills” workshops focus on our relationships with other people and/or how we approach work and life.  These skills are often associated with personality traits like emotional intelligence, good communication, high productivity, resilience, and a strong work ethic that employers love.

While soft skills are less concrete and harder to measure than the technical skills our students learn in their programs, they are skills critical to all personal, and professional success. We would all agree that the best nurses have technical and medical skills as well as a great bedside manner. The irony is that those soft skills are often harder to learn, which is why we developed this series.

Our Learning Lab facilitators are E.M. Vokes, Ph.D. & Associates, a training, coaching, consulting, and applied research practice that specializes in the delivery of learning labs, organization development and change and transition management services.

February 15th at 12pm: "From College to Career: Developing Myself as a Professional"

  • Developing a personal & professional persona
  • Self-potential of growth
  • Concrete development of goals & direction

February 22nd at 12pm: "Self-Coaching For Success!"

  • Developing a personal growth strategy
  • How to design a system of steps towards achievement
  • Coaching yourself through critical thinking when faced with challenges

March 1st at 12pm: "Mindfulness for College Success"

  • Positive Self Talk as a Wellness Strategy
  • Recognition of when to use Wellness Strategies
  • Understanding the Mind - Body Relationship

March 8th at 12pm: "Professional Communication & Presentation"

  • Development of communication skills
  • Do’s & Don’ts for email communication
  • Understanding network potential

March 22nd at 12pm: "Interpersonal (Social) Skills Building

  • Emotional and Social Intelligence development
  • Communicating based on the emotions of others
  • Respectful and professional communication

March 29th at 12pm: "Active Listening for Better Relationships”

  • Emotional and Social Intelligence development
  • Active Listening techniques for absorbing facts and feelings
  • Issue Resolution and Developing Boundary Setting Skills

April 5th at 12pm: "Responding when My Buttons Get Pushed!"

  • Understanding my ‘buttons’
  • Self-Management strategies when dealing with those who push my ‘buttons’
  • Developing emotional regulation and recovering from setbacks

April 12th at 12pm: "Dealing with Difficult People"

  • Identifying conflict-oriented people
  • Strategies for communicating with difficult/toxic people
  • Techniques for getting the most out of conflict-oriented people

April 19th at 12pm: "Self-Care for Success!"

  • Developing strategies for Self-Care
  • Understanding the warning signs of burnout/emotional fatigue
  • Understanding that self-care is critical to academic and professional success