Eatery 101 once again offering, 'A Taste of Class' with takeout service | St. Clair College
Friday, September 24, 2021
Culinary & Hospitality Management student cooking with fire on the stove.
Eatery 101 has resumed take out service.

Culinary & Hospitality Management students at St. Clair College will be able to show off their skills to the public once again with the resumption of food service at Eatery 101.

Patrons can enjoy "A Taste of Class" and take part in St. Clair’s commitment to student training excellence by simply buying a meal on Thursdays and Fridays for lunch and dinner service from 11:30-1:30 pm and 5:30-7:30 pm.

Sergio Zevallos, the Coordinator of the Culinary Management program in the St. Clair College School of Media, Arts & Design,  believes having students back to work at Eatery 101 gives them the opportunity to prepare for real life kitchen environments while putting their training and gained knowledge into practice.

"As an instructor it's not only refreshing but also rewarding to see them in action, work as a team and develop the important leadership skills all chefs must have," Zevallos said.

Marnie Edghill, the Coordinator of the Hospitality Management program, explained that throughout the pandemic, most of her students' lessons were taught online but they will be welcomed back for winter semester.

"With the expert support of Industry professionals as instructors, simulations, videos, theoretical content, case studies and virtual demonstrations, the students have been able to continue to learn the skills and knowledge necessary for a dining room setting," Edghill said. "The students have the ability to demonstrate what they have learned by using equipment from their home, exercising their knowledge of terminology, verbal etiquette, and the service cycle, and submitting it in video format."

In adhering to COVID-19 guidelines, Eatery 101 will operate on a take-out only basis. Edghill said although there will be a lack of face to face interaction with their guests, instructors were thrilled with the outcome of this virtual course and it’s qualities necessary to establish the skills needed for such relationships.

"We look forward to resuming face-to-face learning and getting the students back into the Eatery to continue to grow and become passionate about guest service and taking pride in themselves as service professionals in training," Edghill said. "No matter what happens for the upcoming semesters, we are confident in our student’s willingness to adapt to any mode of learning, and their ability to display the necessary outcomes of this challenging program."

Visit the St. Clair College Eatery 101 website to view the menu and see students in action. To place an order by phone, please contact Eatery 101 at 519- 972- 2726.