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The Government of Ontario is launching a new Ontario Learn and Stay Grant in Spring 2023 for postsecondary students who enroll in priority programs in priority communities and commit to work in those communities after they graduate. Eligible students who apply for the Ontario Learn and Stay Grant will receive full, upfront funding for tuition, books and other direct educational costs. In exchange, graduates will commit to live and work in the region where they studied, helping to fill critical labour shortages in underserved communities. By providing targeted financial incentives to encourage students to learn and work in underserved communities, the new grant will strengthen local workforces in communities that need them most, such as the health care workforce in northern Ontario. Building up health care capacity in areas where it’s needed the most is an important part of Ontario’s ‘A Plan to Stay’ Open. The government is working to ensure that communities across the province have the medical staff needed to be able to respond to any future shocks to our health care system. The government continues to take action to build up the province’s health care workforce to ensure patients can continue to access the health care they need when they need it, no matter where they live.

Please watch their website for updated information: https://www.ontario.ca/page/ontario-learn-and-stay-grant

Eligible programs at St. Clair College include:

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