Micro-credential Certificate in Leadership and Culture Management | St. Clair College

Micro-Credential Certification in Leadership & Culture Management Certificate Requirements:

  • Module 1 - Foundations of Leadership - Personalities & Interpersonal Dynamics
  • Module 2 - Foundations of Culture & Culture Management:  Mission, Power & Trust
  • Module 3 - Leading Through Times of Instability, Crisis & Change

This core Leadership Program is scheduled for 80 hours of in-class instruction, plus assigned applied labs. Delivery can be in person - or LIVE & ONLINE with our new distance delivery technology - you will feel as if you ARE IN THE CLASSROOM.

There are no esoteric secrets knowable only by an enlightened few. If we want to practice leadership, we must learn the relevant psychological theory and how to apply it to our experiences of human interactions on an everyday basis. Delivered by E.M. Vokes, Ph.D. & Associates, a process consulting and applied research practice specializing in the delivery of organizational development and transition management services to organizations from every sector - corporate, government and non-profit.

Attend in person - or LIVE online!