Micro-credential Certificate in Leadership and Culture Management | St. Clair College

If we want to practice effective leadership, we must learn the psychology of leadership and how to apply it to our experiences of human interactions on an everyday basis. From developing yourself as a leader to inspiring change and transformation within your teams, Vokes Leadership Group covers the grounds of Leadership and Culture using cutting-edge psychology, applied theory, and exploring and solving real-world case studies from the workplace.

Our program provides strategies and tools to implement in your organizational role during times of uncertainty, conflict, growth, and transformation. This program is designed so you can apply the in-class learning directly to your specific organizational objectives and innovate in your current and future roles. The certificate is awarded after completing 80 hours of interactive in-class seminars where learners will become familiar with cutting-edge leadership theory and solve case studies in class to equip them in achieving their individual leadership and culture management goals. Participants can attend in person at St. Clair College, or online from their own home or workplace.

Vokes Leadership Group is a training, coaching, consulting, and applied research practice in Industrial-Organizational Psychology that specializes in the delivery of organization development, culture management, and change management services to organizations from every sector - corporate, government, and non-profit.