Module 2 - Foundations of Culture & Culture Management: Mission, Power & Trust | St. Clair College
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CNT 857N
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This 2nd module of the Leadership & Culture Management Micro-credential Certificate program examines they very definition of culture, how it works and why it matters to Team Performance. Discover the link between culture and leadership by reviewing the 10 Forms of Social Power and its impact to Team Leadership. Discover how Ego-Maturity, Trust and Psychological safety impact the culture of Team Leadership. Define your Team Cultural ideal by assessing Team Culture for Mission Alignment. Topics covered include: Personality Types, Understanding the Core Drivers of Motivation & Engagement, Creating the Best Versions of Yourself for Leading, The Neuroscience of Leadership - Managing Emotion, Time & Attention of Self & Others, Conflict Management - Dispute Resolution of High Conflict People, and Leader Self-Care - Remaining Ready & Motivated to Lead. Course 16 hours over 4 weeks.

Pre-Requisite: CNT 856N


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Windsor 150 6174
  • Mar 22-Apr 5 Wed 5:30PM-9:00PM
  • Apr 1 Sat 10:00AM-3:30PM
$685.60 Open
Windsor 159 6175
  • Mar 22-Apr 5 Wed 5:30PM-9:00PM
  • Apr 1 Sat 10:00AM-3:30PM
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