FAQs | St. Clair College

Please find some of our frequently asked questions below:

  • Full-time Support Staff (OPSEU Collective Bargaining Unit)
  • Non Full-time Support Staff (full time hours on temporary contract with an end date)
  • Part-time Support Staff (OPSEU Collective Bargaining Unit)
  • Full-time Faculty (OPSEU Collective Bargaining Unit)
  • Partial Load Faculty (OPSEU Collective Bargaining Unit)
  • Part-time Faculty
  • Full-time Administration
  • Contract Administration

You apply for a position through the St. Clair College website (www.stclaircollege.ca) where open postings are listed under the St. Clair College Career Opportunities link. To apply for a position, view the job category (Academic, Support, or Administrative). This will display the list of current career opportunities in that category. Then select the job title you are interested in. You should see the full job posting; and the posting number. Use this number to complete your application by clicking “Careers at St. Clair College

Please note that you must apply separately to EACH posted competition you are interested in.  For example, if you apply to the General Pool for your area of expertise and there is a specific competition posted for your area, you must reapply to that competition.

YES, you can use Microsoft Word or PDF.

NO, you must combine all your material in one file.

You will receive an email acknowledgement shortly after you completed your resume submission.  The system will not allow you to complete your submission if any information is missing.

You will be asked to identify if you are a current employee at St. Clair College on your resume submission form.

There are three collective agreements at St. Clair College: one for full-time Support staff and one for full-time and partial load Academic staff. Internal candidates are defined in each collective agreement.

Anyone who has worked as a part-time staff member at the College within the past year is considered internal after Full-time staff members.

St. Clair College internal full-time and part-time employees receive first consideration in the application/job competition process. If, after reviewing these applications, an applicant with the necessary qualifications is not found, St. Clair College will proceed to review other applications.

Internal applicants will initially be contacted by Human Resources concerning their applications. If you are a qualified internal candidate, you will be invited to attend an interview. All interviews for selection of candidates are conducted by an Interview Committee which typically consists of a Human Resources Services Manager, the Chair, Director and/or Manager of the respective school/department.

The closing date for all competitions is usually one week after the date the competition is posted. If the position is not filled shortly after the closing date, the position may be posted on the external website and the posting date would be extended.

Job postings are updated weekly, so we encourage interested individuals to monitor our careers site regularly.

Positions will be advertised on the Career Opportunities page on the St. Clair College website. You will find the link to a new window that will open up the current job opportunities. For all open job competitions, you can visit the St. Clair College website (www.stclaircollege.ca) where open postings are listed under the “Careers at St. Clair College” link.

Yes, you will need to go through the resume submission process each time.

We encourage all applicants to apply online. However, if you do not have internet access at home you can obtain access through visiting a local library. In the meantime, you can fax your resume to (519) 972-2754 or mail your resume to Human Resources, 2000 Talbot Road West, Windsor, ON N9A 6S4.

The College requires a minimum of a relevant post-secondary diploma or degree, and current industry experience (minimum 3 years) that is relevant to our programs, as well as teaching or training experience. In addition, candidates must have excellent communication and human relations skills in order to interact effectively with the College’s diverse student and staff population. Instructors must possess the ability to convey the conceptual and practical aspects of the relevant subject to students, respecting their diverse backgrounds. Experience and individual learning styles are essential, as is the desire to contribute to the education of each generation of students.

If you require further information, contact the Human Resources Department directly at (519) 972-2714.