Academic Integrity Workshop (AIW) | St. Clair College

What is the Academic Integrity Workshop?

The Academic Integrity Workshop (AIW): Learning with Integrity is compulsory for any student who has been notified that they must complete the Workshop because of an academic penalty for academic misconduct.

The workshop is designed to provide students who have been reported for academic misconduct with the opportunity to get back on the right learning track and avoid future incidents.

The Academic Integrity Workshop provides students with the opportunity to reflect on their experience with academic misconduct, commit to learning as the basis upon which they will demonstrate their academic achievement, locate resources to assist in reaching their goals and develop strategies to avoid future missteps. Students will complete various modules to help develop techniques for achieving academic success with integrity.

If I have been reported for academic misconduct, when will I have to complete the workshop?

Students who have received an academic penalty will be required to complete the workshop shortly after the report. You will receive a notification that you are required to complete the course. That notification will include a due date.

How much time will I need to complete the Workshop?

The Workshop will take students approximately 1 hour to complete.

How do I register for the Academic Integrity Workshop?

You do not need to register for the Academic Integrity Workshop.

You will be automatically enrolled in the Workshop which will appear as a "course" in Blackboard (Bb).

You will receive an email that will be sent to your St. Clair College email address notifying you that you are registered for the workshop and that you are required to complete it.