Tutorial: Learn It To Earn It | St. Clair College

Starting in the Winter Semester of 2022, all students registered at St. Clair College will be required to complete an Academic Integrity Tutorial called "Learn It To Earn It" prior to the start of classes.

What is the Academic Integrity Tutorial?

The Tutorial, Learn It To Earn It, is designed to help students understand the importance of academic integrity at St. Clair College and avoid academic misconduct.

How do I register for the Academic Integrity Tutorial?

You do not need to register for this tutorial. You will be automatically enrolled in the tutorial which will appear as a "course" in Blackboard (Bb). You will receive an email that will be sent to your St. Clair College email address notifying you that you are registered for the tutorial and that you are required to complete it.

When will the Learn It To Earn It Tutorial become available?

The tutorial will be available to students, on Blackboard, starting on January 4, 2022.

What is the deadline for the completion of the tutorial?

You should complete the tutorial before the start date of your semester courses start.

How much time will I need to complete the tutorial?

The tutorial will take students approximately 90 minutes to complete.

Is the Academic Integrity Tutorial the same thing as the Academic Integrity Workshop?

No. The Academic Integrity Workshop (AIW) is a requirement for students who have received an academic or administrative penalty for academic misconduct. The Learn It To Earn It Tutorial has been designed to help students avoid that from happening!

Stay tuned for more information!