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You can think of THRIVES as an extended orientation to the college – to our culture and the expectations we have of our students and to information about services and supports. THRIVES also highlights tips and techniques students can use to be more successful in their studies and advice on how to maintain good mental and physical health. Information is presented to you in 12 modules through short readings, videos and interactive self-check exercises.

There are two reasons THRIVES does not appear on your class schedule, first, there are no formal classes to attend. THRIVES is self-directed, you engage with THRIVES when and where you want. Second, THRIVES is not mandatory but it is highly recommended for new students to St. Clair College. As an incentive, we are offering draws for $500 tuition bursaries. Students who complete a module, demonstrated by completing the module quiz, receive a ballot for our next draw.

Most students will be able to complete a module in THRIVES in less than an hour. Some modules are a bit longer such as the modules on Health and Mental Wellness. The longest module is Learning Independently. This module is broken down into very short sections with tips and advice on learning strategies for reading, writing, group work and more.

Yes, THRIVES is based on A Guide for Successful Students, 2nd Edition (2023) by Stewart, Maisonville and Zriachev. The readings from the text are within the modules, but you can also read it online or download a copy. This textbook is Creative Commons licensed which means it is provided to students at no cost and you are free to download, retain and share the text.

Yes, we have a YouTube Channel. All the videos we have created for THRIVES are uploaded there and you can find other videos we have linked to in our playlists.

Each module includes self test questions. You can identify these by the H5P symbol in the bottom right corner. These are short learning activities to test your understanding of the materials in the modules. Here is an example:
Selfcheck example

The quiz for the module is towards the end of the module and you click on the title in order to begin the quiz. Here is an example:
Quiz example

The quiz is proof that you have reviewed and understood the module. These are short, straight forward quizzes that will take only a few minutes to complete. Please complete each quiz before you move on to the next module. If you have reviewed a module but have not completed the quiz, please go back and take the quiz.