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Below are testimonials from graduates of the Veterinary Technician program:

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When I decided to go back to school to become a veterinary technician, I chose St. Clair College because of the positive reputation the program had. Coming from a background in engineering I really enjoyed the smaller class sizes, which let me get to know my classmates, and that you aren't just a number to the professors. All of the faculty, from the full time professors, to the part time professors, to the RVT's were great about being available to talk, answer questions, or point me to extra resources (when my excessive curiosity went beyond what we needed to learn for class). I appreciated that the program has a colony on site of small animals, and that we got to start practicing clinical skills in second semester of first year.

As a first year student, I told myself "do not fall in love with the colony animals" which by day two of classes was already gone. So then it was "do not bring any colony animals home" which was ok until the first Christmas break. Then it became "ok, you can foster a beagle, but he has to go back" and I was ok, right up until the beginning of second year when a little kitten looked at me with his slightly cross-eyed blue eyes and wormed his way into my heart.

As someone who had no intention of working with large animals, I definitely appreciated that the program has a very good relationship with local farmers, who allow the students to practice their clinical skills on their animals. I am very glad we did not have to do barn duty along with kennel duty. Further, the relationship the vet tech program has with many amazing local clinics allowed me to have two great co-op placements during my second year. My education set me up for success; I took and passed the VTNE at the first opportunity after graduation. I'm now an RVT working at a local clinic, looking forward to helping the co-op students on their journeys.

- Megan Rasila, RVT

Baylee Barraco

Attending the St Clair College veterinary technician program allowed me to turn my love for animals into a love of helping animals. This program gave me the opportunity to excel in any setting or situation I have been faced with. It sets you up for success and opens a multitude of doors for your future. I am a 2018 graduate and have come full circle from student to graduate to recently becoming a teaching assistant here at the college in this very program!

- Baylee Barraco, RVT

Mikayla Shepley

Since graduating from the veterinary technician program at St Clair College in 2021, I have been given so many opportunities in a variety of fields in veterinary medicine. This would not have been possible without the dedication of staff & professors to ensure that students are set up for success in the field after graduation.

- Mikayla Shepley, RVT

Seannaugh Seguin

Going into the Veterinary Technician program as a mature student was a bit of a daunting life change, but from day one the faculty and staff specific to this program made it a very welcoming environment to learn and grow. The program is definitely intense but the support received from both the fellow students and faculty is bar none, I couldn’t have done it without them. The St. Clair College Veterinary Technician program and the education received in Laboratory, Clinical, Exotics, Small and Large Animal, Co-Op placements and more go a long way in ensuring the students are prepared for what is to come when working in clinic settings and success in writing of the VTNE registration exam after graduation. I did a lot of research as to what school would be best for my future and in no way whatsoever do I regret the decision to go to St. Clair College. Highly recommend the learning environment found here and the memories created in that short 2 year span.

- Seannaugh Seguin, RVT