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Permit Purchases

When purchasing a parking permit, a Parking Permit Application must be submitted. This application can be obtained from the Parking Services Self-Service site or directly from the Parking Office. Applications for General Parking must be submitted either online through your Parking Services Self-Service account or in person at the Parking Office. Applications dropped off, mailed or emailed will not be accepted.

The Parking Office will not allow a purchase of a new parking permit if there are outstanding parking fees, including tickets on the account or on the vehicle. These outstanding parking fees must be paid prior to the purchase of a new parking permit.

When submitting an application, the person who purchases a parking permit is making a declaration that they are solely responsible for all parking violations and fees issued to any vehicle(s) on their account or bearing their parking permit at any time - past, present, or future. This declaration remains in effect until the vehicle is transferred to another account by another declaration.

The purchase of a parking permit simply allows the vehicle bearing the permit to park on campus, it does not guarantee the purchaser an available parking space on a day to day basis.

For permit rates and availability, please visit the Parking Services Self-Service site.

Permit Types


General Permits

All parking lots other than Staff Lots are General Parking Lots. Specific General Parking Lots require lot-specific “Assigned Permits” to park in between 8:00 am and 4:30 pm. Holding a permit only allows one vehicle assigned to the permit to park on campus, parking is always first come first serve and is not guaranteed day to day regardless of the permit type or duration.

Assigned Permits are lot-specific permits. They will allow parking in one of the following lots: C, G, or Q. This permit is also valid for parking in the East Roadway spaces and General Parking Lots D, K, N, and V. Assigned Permits are permitted in Staff Lots A, E, F, X, and Z after 4:30 pm. Assigned Permits are not valid in Visitor Parking Lots at any time. These permits may be purchased by the academic year.

Gates for the General Gated Lots will be lowered after Labour Day weekend until the end of the Winter Semester. Gates open daily at 4:30 pm to allow for General Parking. General Permits are not permitted in Gated Lots during restriction hours even if gates are raised. Raised gates do not permit free parking and permits must be used during enforcement hours.

Gate cards may be deactivated for parking violations, not limited to the General Gated Lots. No full or partial refunds will be issued to the permit holder in the event that their card is deactivated for vehicle violation(s).

Standard General Permits allow access to the East Roadway spaces and General Parking Lots D, K, N, and V. General Permits are permitted in Staff Lots A, E, F, X, and Z after 4:30 pm. General Permits are not valid in Visitor Parking Lots at any time. These permits may be purchased by the week, month, semester, or academic year.

General Gated Permits are limited availability and sold on a first come first serve basis. Should you wish to purchase a "sold out" permit, you may add yourself to the waiting list for that permit through the Parking Services Self-Service site.

Night Permits

Night Permits are only available at Main Windsor Campus and may be purchased by the month, semester or academic year.

General Night permits are restricted to after 4:30 pm only. The permit will allow access to the East Roadway spaces, General Parking Lots D, K, N, and V, Assigned Lots C, G, and Q, as well as Staff Lots A, E, F, X, and Z. General Night Permits, are not valid in Visitor Parking Lots at any time.

Staff Permits

All staff are eligible to purchase Staff Parking Permits for Main Windsor Campus and Chatham Campus (Downtown Campus, please see the section on Downtown Permits). Various permits are available depending on eligibility and availability.

All Staff Permits are ordered through the Parking Services Self-Service portal.

Staff General Permits: Staff General Permits are available for all staff regardless of Seniority or Part/Full-Time Status. These permits grant access to Standard General Lots and Assigned General Lots depending on availability and what is selected at the time the permit is ordered.

Assigned Staff Lot Permits: Assigned Staff Lots are restricted to Staff Members holding Full Time Status and are assigned based on the applying Staff Member’s seniority and lot availability. These staff lots are assigned through the wait list system available through the Parking Services Self-Service portal.

Should you not see available Staff Permits on your Parking Services Self-Service account, please contact parking services using your St. Clair College Staff Email account for support.

Downtown Permits

St. Clair College has been authorized to sell parking spaces for the Precise Parklink Parking Garage at 275 Pitt Street. West (Behind the St. Clair College Center for the Arts) at a special discounted rate, there is no segregation between Staff or Student permits in the Garage. To receive this discounted rate users must purchase the space from the St. Clair College Parking Office online through the Parking Services Self-Service portal. After obtaining parking for the garage, users may obtain a complimentary parking permit that will authorize parking in the General Lots at the Main Windsor Campus.

Limited Space: St. Clair College only sells space for the parking garage and space is limited. Once St. Clair College’s authorized space is sold out, users wishing to obtain parking in the garage can contact Precise Parklink directly to purchase parking at the regular rate. To confirm pricing and availability please contact Precise Parklink.

Garage Inquiries: The Parking Garage is owned, operated and maintained by Precise Parklink, garage users will be subject to additional terms and conditions set forth by Precise Parklink. Inquiries can be directed to Precise Parklink at 519-258-2012.

Residence Permits

Location: These permits give access to the closest lot to the residence (Chatham: Lot R; Windsor: Lot R1, Lot R2).

Availability: Residence Permits are available for students living in residence. These permits are limited in number and are only available to be purchased by students living in residence as authorized by the Residence Staff. Permits are available for semester duration only. These permits must be purchased through the Parking Services Self-Service Portal - Should these permits be sold out, individuals may request to be placed on the waiting list through the portal.

Renewals: If additional semesters are required, permits may be renewed prior to the semester start date, during the renewal period. Renewal notices will be sent out when the renewal period begins. After the renewal period, all remaining permits are first come first served.

Gate Cards

Gate cards are distributed at the time of the purchase of a parking permit that requires card access. In the event of a lost or stolen gate card, it is to be reported to the Parking Office. A replacement fee will be assessed for any replacement gate cards issued. Once a new card is issued the lost or stolen card will be automatically deactivated.

Accessible Parking

Accessible parking spaces are available for parking provided that a Ministry of Transportation Accessible Parking Permit and a St. Clair College Parking Permit or Pay Station Permit are displayed.

When purchasing a Parking Permit, to add Accessible Space permissions, you will be required to register your Ministry of Transportation Accessible Parking Permit and photo ID. There are no additional charges to utilize Accessible Spaces on campus. Pay Station Permits are not required to register Accessible Permits to access the Accessible Spaces.

You are required to display your Ministry Permit as well as a College Parking Permit at all times on St. Clair College campuses.

Lost Permits

St. Clair College is not responsible for replacing lost parking permits. Therefore, should you lose your parking permit; you will be required to purchase an additional parking permit at regular parking rates. No reduction or discount in parking permit fees will be applied to replacement parking permits.

If a gate card is lost or stolen, a $20.00 replacement fee will apply.

Permit Refunds

  • Permits with time remaining on the permit may be refunded upon return of the physical permit to the Parking Office by the account holder.
  • Used months will be deducted from the permit at the standard monthly rate (night monthly rate for night permits) an administrative fee equal to 50% of one month will be deducted from the refund amount.
  • The current month is considered a "used" month.
  • In the event that the College cancels the entire course to which the account holder is subscribed, a full refund will be provided within 10 calendar days of course cancellation and the administrative fee will be waived.
  • Refunds will not be granted for permits with less than 1 month remaining