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Why Try Online Learning?

No more excuses! If shift work, family responsibilities or unpredictable schedules are keeping you from your educational goals, then online learning may be the solution. Online learning offers you:

Convenience and flexibility: Our virtual classrooms are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can log on and participate from home, from the office*, or even when travelling-wherever internet is available to you.

Time efficiency: Travel, transportation issues, child care, and weather are no longer barriers to learning. You will have the opportunity to work with other students from across town, the province or the world.

Over One Hundred Courses are Available!

Take an eCampus course taught by one of our expert St. Clair College instructors (eCampus), or register through St. Clair for an online course delivered by an instructor at another Ontario college (OntarioLearn).

How does Online Learning Work?

Online learning is facilitated by an instructor who is available to answer questions, encourage discussion on course topics and provide feedback. You will work through the online Blackboard system to review lecture materials, visit specified internet sites, receive and submit assignments, post questions or comments, and interact with the instructor and fellow classmates for group work, chats or discussions.

It is recommended that you log on regularly to stay up to date in the course. There will be specific assignment deadlines, as indicated by your instructor. Completed assignments/tests* are usually completed online through the Blackboard online learning system. (*Most courses require final exams written at the college or at the nearest college or institution to you).

Are You Ready to be an Online Learner?

In addition to the study skills that are necessary for post-secondary learning, some specific skills you may need for online learning include:

  • basic computing, file management, internet search and e-mail skills
  • computer literacy is a necessity!
  • self-motivation, self-discipline and time management
  • willingness to ask for help when you need it
  • a commitment to independent studies. You can expect to spend 6-10 hours per week per course, depending on the subject.

* Please note that some businesses may have firewalls that will prevent you from accessing your courses. If you plan to do your coursework anywhere other than your home, please ensure you will not be impeded by IT constraints.

Registration Deadlines

These courses do not run on a continuous intake basis. There are start and end dates for each course. You may register up to and including the first day of classes, as long as there is room in the course. Courses fill up quickly so register at your earliest convenience.

Please ensure when you register for online courses that you include your current email address on the appropriate line on the application form.

Refund Details

An official withdrawal after the published start date but before the third week of the semester will result in a full refund less a $25.00 fee. No refund will apply to an official withdrawal on the first day of the third week of the semester or later.


Required texts are listed on our Campus Store web site. To buy your text(s), visit our Campus Store in person, or visit the online store.