PayPal hires Data Analytics graduate | St. Clair College
Friday, June 4, 2021
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A graduate of St. Clair’s Data Analytics program now has a job with the global online finance company PayPal.

Girish Chandwani, the newly hired graduate, has started the position of Business Intelligence Developer. Some of the responsibilities include possessing knowledge of various computer programming software and analyzing data of PayPal’s overall performance.

His professor, Harpreet Virk, said he is incredibly happy for his student.

“When he told me, it is always good news when students from our college get selected for the job, for the good company. This is good for our college, for our program overall,” said Virk.

He also said Chandwani’s hiring is a good sign of skilled data analytics workers being able to stay within Windsor, along with attracting larger companies such as PayPal to invest in the area.

Some of Chandwani’s past experience includes creating a system that streamlines the medical histories of patients for doctors to read. This makes the doctor’s ability to treat patients more efficient.

As for what jobs in the field are like, program coordinator John Ulakovich said the potential for what data analytics can contribute is far-reaching.

“I think we’re seeing a real transformation in the industry. Where before, you would see data analytics and data analysts mainly in business. Now, you’re seeing the right people who have had the right education and experience in government, the public sector,” said Ulakovich.

Ulakovich cited an example of St. Clair data analytics students helping Transit Windsor conduct a survey on transit user experience to better understand the responses given.

He also mentioned several local companies including Quicken Loans’ Rocket Innovation Lab and the Windsor Detroit Border Authority recruiting students from the program for their needs.

Harpreet Virk credits the success of students like Garish Chandwani to a collaborative mindset among the teachers of the program.

“Overall in our program, this is a team effort. We work very closely, with John as our coordinator. I always joke, he is our engine or our powerhouse all the time. This is a new program, and we want to make this a star program,” he said.

Lastly, Ulakovich said the Data Analytics field can provide a lot to employees who enter it.

“I think the work is very rewarding, and it’s interesting, and it can be in many different types of industries,” Ulakovich said.

- Tyler Clapp