A message to Fall 2020 PSW program students from the president | St. Clair College
Sunday, February 28, 2021
A message to PSW program students from the president
PSW student Kehinde Adebusuyl is shown working on personal grooming skills in the PSW lab.

February 26, 2021

Dear Saints in the PSW Program:

I assume that many of you have read about the provincial government’s recent announcement regarding a major funding allocation to enroll and train in excess of 8,000 new Personal Support Workers in the province during the next year.  That funding is targeted for an expedited version of the program at all of Ontario’s two dozen colleges – St. Clair included – beginning in April.

The funding will see virtually all of the educational costs for these new students, including tuition, paid by the provincial government – approximately $2,000 per student.  In the College’s press release about the new provincial program – https://stclaircollege.ca/news/2021/new-program-create-huge-increase-psw-training – I paid tribute to the PSW profession, citing its essential importance to the current and future well-being of the seniors, chronically ill and disabled in our communities.

Your role in that – your calling to this admirable vocation – should be recognized and rewarded as well.  For that reason, St. Clair College – using its own revenues – has decided to retroactively fund the educations of all current, 2020-21 PSW students, dating back to the Fall 2020 semester.

Within the next few weeks, your account with the College will be credited with approximately $2,000.  If you have outstanding fees to be paid, monies will be deducted accordingly.  Once those calculations are completed, this credit will be processed as a refund to you.

I do hope that this gesture demonstrates our appreciation for your decision to join the front-line of our health-care system as PSWs, and I do wish you all the best as you complete your studies and move on to rewarding professional careers.


Patricia France, M.Ad.Ed.