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MIT 642/602 - Technical Projects - Networking
MIT641 - Protocol Analysis

An important part of any curriculum dealing with Network Administration is the ability to monitor and analyze network traffic. To date, the Network Security courses, MIT420/520, have provided you with in-depth information on network security. MIT641, the Protocol Analysis course, will provide you with information, and hands-on experience using a network protocol analyzer. Together, the learned information will be applied to your Technical Projects course, MIT602, as you complete your graduation requirements.

During your time at St. Clair College, your instructors are providing you with the technical aspects of, and the theory behind, a career in Network Administration. While using a device such as a protocol analyzer, you will have the ability to obtain valuable statistics on network usage and traffic patterns, a vital component of the Network Design Technical Project. Additionally, the protocol analyzer also has the ability to capture all traffic on a network, something students MUST avoid, to ensure the integrity and security of corporate sponsors and their IT environments.

What cannot be measured or tested is the instruction you have received on the ethics required in your chosen field. Through instruction, example, and personal experiences, your instructors have imparted to you a strong sense of what is and is not acceptable behaviour in a business environment.

To reinforce good business ethics and underscore your commitment to ensuring the integrity and security of all computer systems and environments you may come in contact with, it is required that you agree to the following:

  1. I hereby declare that I will abide by the policies, procedures and expectations of confidentiality in my use of a protocol analyzer, as well as identified in the Personal Health Information Protection Act (PHIPA); the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (MFIPPA) and any other regulation or act requiring confidentiality.
  2. I understand that as a student participating in a network administration curriculum, I am ethically bound to keep all captured information confidential. This includes, but is not limited to, computer system name; network device name; username; password; computer, network device or application network addresses and/or any personal communications.
  3. I understand that as a student participating in a network administration curriculum, I am ethically bound to do no harm to any computer system or network device connected to the college; any business network or connected to the sponsor. This includes any unauthorized intrusion into any computer system or network device.
  4. I understand that any violations of the above may be subject to prosecution under the Canadian Criminal Code - Computer Crimes.

My signature below confirms my commitment to uphold the expectations, policies and ethical practice of confidentiality in all of my involvement with computer systems or network devices connected to the college network and the sponsor network. I understand that any breach of the above will result in a failing grade.

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