Fee Schedule | St. Clair College

Fees for Services in the St. Clair College Health Centre

 For All Students: The Following Fees Will Apply as These Services Are Not Covered by OHIP

Services Not Covered by OHIP: Fees:
Private Insurance form completion $50.00-$200.00
Pre-employment Physical (not including labs or vaccines) $50.00
School/Work Physicals (not including labs or vaccines) $50.00
Drivers License Physical (not including labs or vaccines) $50.00
Third Party Physical or exams (not including labs or vaccines) $50.00
Blood draws for laboratory testing by RN Clinic Nurse in Health Centre $10.00
TB Skin Test Administration/Documentation (per test) $10.00
Wound Care/ Dressings by RN Clinic Nurse $20.00
Publicly Funded Vaccines (ex: Influenza, Measles, Mumps Rubella, Tetanus, Pertussis) No Charge
Non-Publicly Funded Vaccines may be provided at cost if available in Health Centre or by prescription from Nurse Practitioner to be dispensed by a pharmacy At Cost
"Passport to Health" record replacement $5.00
Transfer/copy of Medical Records (per page) $1.00

Additional Fees for International Students or Those Without OHIP Coverage
International students and/or those with third party insurances should keep all receipts to submit to your health insurance provider for reimbursement.

Fees for International Students or those without OHIP Coverage (similar to OHIP Fee Schedule): Fees:
Minor Assessment by Nurse Practitioner requiring prescriptions and/or diagnostic testing $40.00
General Assessment by Nurse Practitioner includes 1 (one) follow-up visit $60.00
TB Surveillance Assessment (with prescription for diagnostic tests & 1 follow-up visit) $60.00
Pelvic Exam for Pap smear only by Nurse Practitioner $30.00
Prenatal Assessment Initial visit $60.00
Prenatal Assessments for follow-up visits $40.00

NOTE: In addition to the charges listed above, all Diagnostic Testing will be billed directly to the patient by the provider of services:

  • Ex.: X-rays, Ultrasounds, CT-Scans, Blood and urine testing, pap smears, biopsies, etc.