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Project Management

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In this Program Capstone Simulation, the last in the Master Certificate, a powerful real-to-life experiential learning module. Students in teams will produce the required Integrated Project Management Plan and supporting documentation. This will include:

• The Project Charter WBS, Requirements.
• Traceability & Management Plan Project Scope Management Plan.
• Project Quality Management Plan Risk Management Plan.
• Responsibility Assignment Matrix (RAM) Chart Communications Management Plan.
• Schedule Management Plan Cost Management Plan.
• Change.

You will design, get approved and develop a stakeholder customer specified product or service. Prototypes will be tested and demonstrated in a team competition. You will gather Project Progress, Calculate Project Status, Produce Phase End - Actuals versus Planned, issue a Project Forecast and do a Project Closeout containing Schedule and Cost Variances and Schedule and Cost Performance Indexes. Teams will make a PowerPoint presentation detailing your team's 'Approach Taken', 'Challenges Faced', 'Achievements Gained', 'Lessons Learned' and 'Value Add for your Customer'.

This module is the application of all that has been learned in the previous modules. The integration of all elements starting from where it begins: The WHY? - the Organizational Needs; The WHO? - the Key Stakeholders, who interpret the organizational needs; The WHAT? - the Unambiguous Product Requirements elicited from the Stakeholders and documented by analysts (business) or engineers (industrial); The HOW? - the Unambiguous Product Requirements interpreted into detailed Specifications by analysts or engineers enabling the project manager to estimate / quantify the cost and schedule baselines to create the product, which leads to the development of the Integrated Project Plan required to deliver value; The WHEN? - the Value and Benefits will be Realized; The WHERE? - the Value and Benefits will be Realized. Students in teams will be challenged to respond to a customer Request for Proposal (RFP) where they will develop a plan, execute the plan and deal with potential changes and hazards, then present and demonstrate for the customer to ensure the specified value and benefits documented in the RFP are realized.


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