Motorcycle Training - M2 Exit Training | St. Clair College

This course is designed in conjunction with the legal requirements of the Ministry of Transportation Graduated Licensing System. It will meet and exceed the requirements to have motorcycle riders currently riding with an M2 Class License to upgrade their status to an M Class Licensed motorcycle rider. The M2 Exit program prepares the student for a road test. In addition students will learn the techniques and etiquette associated with: Roadside stops, Highway riding, Group riding, Lane changing, Curves, Intersections, Riding in residential and business areas. This must be completed within five years of completing your M2. Students MUST bring their own insured motorcycles. No motorized tricycles will be permitted. Important note: Students are tested in the parking lot for basic riding skills prior to any on road portions of this course using the MOST II skills test. If students do not successfully pass the MOST II skills test, they will not be allowed to continue with the remaining on road portions of the course and no refunds will be offered. Students are expected to have the licensing minimum of 18 months riding experience. Pre-requisite: Ontario M2 license for 22 months (or 18 months if you have taken an approved M1 exit course.

Students are to meet in the Sportsplex lobby for all motorcycle courses, prior to the course start time.


This course is not scheduled for the current semester.