Basic Foot Care for RN, RPN | St. Clair College

This 12-hour course will enable the RPN, RN or NP to practice foot care on children, adults and the elderly in either the community or institution setting. The first day consists of a lecture and information so the Basic Foot Nurse can assess and recognize soft tissue lesions, above the dermis, such as calluses, corns, verruca warts, and athletes' foot. Boney deformities such as hallux vulgas, claw toes, hammer toes, mallet toes and nail deformities will be addressed so that the nurse can assess the repercussions of such conditions, affecting the dermis and function of the foot. Diseases affecting the foot and its ability to impair function are also addressed. Foot Care is essential to improve the mobility and functionality of the complex foot and to prevent or reduce the risk of ulcers and infections. Clients of the Basic Foot Nurse cannot suffer from impaired sensation or impaired circulation. The second day will consist of educational videos and hands-on practice in a clinical facility. The students are requested to have at least a one-month growth of nails to practice on each other. All equipment and educational material will be provided by the instructor. Prerequisite: CNO registration number, in good standing.


Campus Course Code Section Class Dates Fee Status
Windsor RGN 135N 051 3289
  • Jul 20 - 21 Sat Sun 9:00AM-5:00PM
$282.50 (HST Included) Register

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