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The Advanced Foot Care Nurse Course consists of three days, offering the most up-to-date education, on new researched treatment options within the scope of practice as authorized by the College of Nurses of Ontario. Diseases both common and rare, are incorporated into the course, with the goal to improve function and gait; prevent injury, falls, infections, and amputations; reduction or elimination of painful conditions, in those suffering from impaired sensation and/or impaired circulation. Emphasis is placed on Diabetic conditions resulting in infected wounds, leading to amputations in High-Risk individuals with neuropathy, and/or anticoagulant medications. The student will learn how to perform ABI's, vascular doppler, LOPS, Cold Laser Therapy, and Photodynamic Laser Therapy, from internationally accepted Clinical Best Practice Guidelines. All three days consists of lecture, educational videos, group discussions on case histories, appropriate, necessary documentation, referral and consultation letters to physicians and other health care team members; assessment skills for vulnerable diabetic individuals, and the CNO protocols for the recognition of arterial and venous ulcers. Also, the student, at numerous lab stations will learn deflecting techniques, using numerous devices, cushioning and strapping for pain relief. Reduction with debridement of Ram's Horn Nail and scalping techniques for hyperkeratotic tissue above the dermis will be taught and practiced. Education on the sterilizing techniques using an autoclave will be taught. Independent practice and the legalities will be explained. All equipment and educational material will be provided by the instructor. Prerequisite: Basic Foot Care Nurse course (RGN 135N) and CNO registration number.


Campus Course Code Section Class Dates Fee Status
Windsor RGN 140N 051 3257
  • Jul 27 - 29 Sat Sun Mon 9:00AM-5:00PM
$536.75 (HST Included) Register

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