Facility Information | St. Clair College

Pool Information

Size: 6 Lane, 25-meter competition pool
Shallow - 3 feet 6 inches
Midpoint - 5 feet
Deep - 12 feet 8 inches

Diving Board Information

Competition 1-meter Springboard
Springboard - Duraflex Maxiflex board

Lane Rope Reel

Holds: 7 - 4 inch, 25-meter lane ropes or 4 - 6 inch, 25-meter lane ropes

Tot Dock Information

Constructed of slip and corrosion resistant aluminum. Adjustable PVC leg extensions are the ideal way to convert the pool depth and lesson the fear of water for both swim instruction and therapy. Maximum height from pool floor to dock platform is 29 inches. Size: 6 feet long, 3 feet 2 inches wide Weight: 60 pounds.

Sauna Information

St. Clair College has recently upgraded the saunas located in the men's and women's changerooms. The saunas have new wood benches and walls as well as new electronic equipment for safer control of the temperature.

Pool Chair Lift

St. Clair College also has an accessibility chair lift for the pool. It is powered by water pressure and can support up to 300lbs for patrons with mobility restrictions.  Please speak to the lifeguards on duty upon arrival if you would like to use this equipment.