Bronze Medallion & Emergency First Aid With CPR 'B' | St. Clair College

This course is the first step in the Lifesaving Society's leadership program. It teaches the components of becoming a lifesaver in both aquatic and non-aquatic environments. It includes a mix of classroom and in pool learning. Successful candidates will receive the Bronze Medallion Award, Emergency First Aid, CPR "B", and become eligible for taking Bronze Cross. 100% attendance is required. Final Exam will be held on the 11th week of class unless otherwise specified. Please bring previous awards prior to the exam for authentication.

Prerequisites: Minimum 13 years of age OR completion of Bronze Star. Class Limit: Minimum of 5 participants required. We Want you to Succeed! "Retake" Opportunities for Bronze Medallion & Bronze Cross Although it is highly recommended that candidates retake the full course if unsuccessful, retake courses are only available to candidates who have been successful on ALL instructor evaluated items, and have only examiner evaluated items left to complete. Candidates interested in participating in a "Retake" should contact the Aquatics Supervisor upon registration for the retake information package.


Day Time Notes Fee Status
TBA $194.00 Open