Privacy Policy | St. Clair College

To comply with the new federal Personal Information Protection and Electronic Document Act (PIPEDA) which came into effect on January 1, 2004, to respect the privacy of residents in Canada, the St. Clair College Alumni Association commits to respect and protect personal information.

Generally, information collected by the Alumni Association includes the name, address, telephone number, business information, spouse's name, academic information, interests, alternate contact information. This information will be used for Alma Matters mailings, special events and mailings for appropriate alumni benefits such as affinity partner programs. The Office of Alumni relations has signed confidentiality agreements with all affinity partners where the partner and the Office of Alumni Affairs agree to maintain the confidentially of the confidential information and shall not make use of this information other than for the performance of the particular agreement with the affinity partner.

Information is collected with the sole intent of servicing our alumni to the best of our ability. At any time, an alumnus may request the right to withhold any personal information; however, doing so may hinder our ability to serve the alumnus to the best or our ability. Consent is implied unless an alumnus advises us otherwise.

The Office of Alumni Affairs at no time sells, shares or trades information with any other organization. If this were ever required, a request in writing to our alumnus would be obtained. All action(s) will be taken in a timely manner.

To update your information please submit the Update Your Alumni Record form. If you would like to be removed from our mailing list, submit the Mailing Opt-Out form.

Contact the Alumni Association office:
Box 15
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Windsor, ON N9A 6S4

Tel: 519-972-2727 ext. 4567
Fax: 519-972-2733