Community & Justice Services Bridge | St. Clair College

Program Code: CC99

Pathway for the Honours Bachelor of Applied Arts in Social Justice & Legal Studies & Community & Justice Services programs.

Requires a 3.0 GPA cumulative program average in order to qualify for enrollment into this Bridge Pathway.

Bridge Semester
Code Title Credits
BASJBR002 Counselling, Case Management And Community Advocacy 3
BASJBR001 Legal, Social, And Political Aspects Of Social Justice In Canada 3
Semester 3
Code Title Credits
BASJ300 Legal Research And Writing 3
BASJ301 Criminology 3
BASJ302 Criminal Law And Procedure 3
BASJ303 Ethics, Leadership And Professional Responsibility 3
ELEC1DEGRE Choose 1 Degree Elective Course 3
Semester 4
Code Title Credits
BASJ400 Administrative Law And Tribunals 3
BASJ401 Working With Vulnerable Populations 3
BASJ402 Practices And Policies Of Crime Prevention 3
BASJ403 Employment Law 3
CMST404 Models Of Community Wellness 3
Semester 5
Code Title Credits
BASJ500 Crisis Counselling And Intervention 3
BASJ501 Theories And Practices In Social Justice 3
BASJ703 Social Science Research 3
BASJ503 Social Movements And Social Change 3
CMST504 Interpersonal Communications In Work And Life 3
Semester 6
Code Title Credits
BASJ600 Alternative Dispute Resolution: Principles And Practice 3
BASJ601 Community Activism: Mobilizing For Change 3
BASJ602 Victimology 3
BASJ603 Professional And Career Development 3
BASJ604 Interdisciplinary Statistical Methods 3
Work Integrated Learning
Code Title Credits
BASJ610 Bachelor Of Arts In Social Justice And Legal Studies Professional Practice 28
Semester 7
Code Title Credits
BASJ700 Community Development Through Activism And Capacity Building 3
BASJ701 Restorative Justice 3
BASJ702 Oral And Written Advocacy-Proposals And Presentations 3
BASJ502 Constitutional Law and Human Rights 3
BASJ704 Introduction To Accounting 3
Semester 8
Code Title Credits
BASJ800 The Philosophy Of Social And Political Change 3
BASJ801 Activism, Advocacy And Social Change Through Social Media 3
BASJ802 Socio-Legal Approaches For Advancing Interests 3
CMST803 Leadership Foundations 3
ELEC1DEGRE Choose 1 Degree Elective Course 3