New Transit Windsor Route Summary and Impact on St. Clair College | St. Clair College
Thursday, July 4, 2024
Transit Windsor workers sitting at desk in front entrance of Main Windsor Campus

Starting Sept. 1, 2024, Transit Windsor will be eliminating the Dominion 5 bus line and creating two new routes, the 115 and the 305.


Bus Route Map

The 115 is a primary route, quite similar to the soon-to-be phased out Dominion 5. It will serve as the main route for students and staff moving between St. Clair College’s main campus and the downtown transit terminal. Travel times will remain largely unchanged, with 20-minute departure frequencies and an approximate travel time of 35 minutes from end to end. There are 14 transfer points along this line, which is very direct, moving from main campus, along Mount Royal Drive to Dominion to Campbell, then East along Riverside to the downtown transit terminal. This service will offer the same route in both directions.

The 305 will be more of a local route, servicing South Windsor from the College to the west-end terminal at HDGH Tayfour Campus. The service, operating with 30-minute departure frequencies, will also connect previously under-serviced neighbourhoods along Northwood Street, Daytona Avenue and the entire Huron Church Road corridor. Service to the Capri Pizzeria Recreational Complex will also be captured with this line. There are nine transfer points and it will be serviced in both directions.


The changes are part of the council-approved Transit Master Plan, which strives to create a more "transfer-based system" to streamline buses and passengers throughout the transit network.

According to Transit Windsor reps, the changes are a net positive and will provide more options for passengers through the transfer-based network.  
The 305 could act as somewhat of a pressure value for the 115 to service the South Windsor and West Windsor neighbourhoods and will hopefully create some capacity along the Dominion Road corridor.

The schedule is changing slightly, so it would be wise for transit users to look at the new schedule for updated departure and estimated arrival times. This should be communicated to students and staff both now and again as the change approaches, to ensure no one is caught off-guard when the transition takes place around the start of the school year.


Historically, the Dominion 5 bus has been fraught with capacity issues, where the northbound buses tend to fill up around Tecumseh Road, leaving riders loading north of Tecumseh Road stranded. Many of those impacted riders are students and this has been a frustrating experience for them, as well as the general public. It’s been well documented in the media.

It’s important to note: The new 115 Line does not guarantee these capacity issues will be resolved.

There are no new buses being added to the service. This is more of a system-wide realignment of resources. Any additional buses would need the approval of city council, or potentially, intervention from the college.

Transit Windsor bus drivers notify the central hub every time a bus reaches capacity and is unable to pick up more riders along the route. This is data we should get a handle on a regular basis.

We should closely monitor the impact of the roll-out of these two new routes in September and ensure adequate service between main campus and the downtown campus for students and staff. It’s also incumbent on the College to ensure our operational needs do not trump those of the general public.