2024 First Robotics Windsor Essex Competition Kicks Off at St. Clair College | St. Clair College
Saturday, January 6, 2024
First Robotics award winners

The College was pleased to kick off the 2024 First Robotics Windsor Essex calendar year with all of the local high school teams participating in this year’s competition coming in March.

St. Clair College and the Alumni Association have continued as annual community partners and sponsors for this event.

Each high school team who will be participating in the 2024 First Robotics Windsor Essex Competition received $1,000 towards covering some of the cost of the designing and constructing their robots.

The teams will design and construct 120-pound robots with a standard kit of parts. There will be a common set of rules to play in a themed head-to-head challenge this year called CRESCENDO!

This year high school teams from Sandwich Secondary School, St. Anne's Catholic School, Vincent Massey Secondary School, Belle River Secondary School, Holy Names Catholic High School, - Kennedy Collegiate Secondary School, - St. Thomas of Villa Nova Catholic High School, United Mennonite Education Institute, Windsor Islamic High School, Build A Dream Robotics Community Team and a Chatham High Schools Community Team.

For graduating high school students who plan to attend St. Clair College in the fall, the College offers them a First Robotics Scholarship Bursary towards their first year for participating in the competition.

“St. Clair College is delighted to continue our longstanding partnership with FIRST Robotics, and we look forward to another exciting year of innovation, collaboration, and success. We collectively embrace the theme of “Crescendo” for this year, as you work together to create an unstoppable team and memories to last a lifetime. We wish all the teams the best in the 2024 FIRST Robotics Competition Season, and we look forward to cheering you on every step of the way.” President Patti France, St. Clair College.

About Windsor-Essex FIRST
Windsor-Essex FIRST is a volunteer group that acts as the regional arm of FIRST Canada and works year-round to promote FIRST in Windsor-Essex and Chatham-Kent. Thanks to the effort and dedication of hundreds of volunteers - Windsor-Essex FIRST also coordinates events such as the annual Windsor-Essex FIRST Robotics Competition. For more information, visit http://www.windsoressexfirst.org/