WEtech Alliance’s Innovation Blueprint: Empowering the Next Generation of Entrepreneurs | St. Clair College
Tuesday, October 31, 2023
Classroom presentation

by: Ari Poisson (Genesis Centre Marketing Student) with contributions from WEtech Alliance.

On October 25th, The Genesis Centre at St. Clair College had the privilege of hosting WEtech Alliance's Innovation Blueprint workshop and networking event. Led by Susana Martins, Business Advisor from WEtech Alliance, this event was an insightful and inspiring evening that aimed to help entrepreneurs scale up their businesses and ignite innovative ideas. The highlight of the event was Martins' Blueprint presentation, an engaging and informative session that provided attendees with the tools and insights they need to embark on their entrepreneurial journeys. Martins guided participants through the steps to transform ideas into successful ventures. She covered crucial topics such as:

  1. The Power of a Growth Mindset: Participants learned how adopting a growth mindset can be the driving force behind their entrepreneurial endeavors, allowing them to adapt, evolve, and thrive.
  2. Defining Business Problems and Value: Understanding the importance of identifying the problems a business idea can solve and the value it can deliver is crucial in building a strong foundation for any venture.
  3. Standing Out and Market Sizing: Why Entrepreneurs should commit to differentiating themselves from the competition and how to assess the market size for their business ideas.
  4. The Significance of MVP: Attendees were introduced to the concept of a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) and its pivotal role in launching a business idea while minimizing risk.
  5. WEtech Alliance's Role: Participants were introduced to WEtech Alliance and how they can assist innovative and tech-based entrepreneurs and companies in their journey to Start, Sell, and Scale.

As a bonus, attendees received access to WEtech’s online Innovation Blueprint Toolbox, a treasure trove of self-directed resources to help them take the next steps on their innovation journey.

“This event was a testament to the power of collaboration between educational institutions and organizations like WEtech Alliance. It's our collective mission to empower aspiring entrepreneurs and equip them with the knowledge, tools, and networks necessary for success,” said Martins.

Entrepreneurship often thrives on collaboration and networking. This event served as a vibrant hub for making connections and building relationships. Attendees had the chance to interact with fellow students, faculty members, and local entrepreneurs. These interactions opened doors to potential partnerships, co-founder opportunities, and the exchange of innovative ideas. WEtech Alliance’s visit allowed the St. Clair College community to tap into a larger network of innovators and industry experts.  The Innovation Blueprint event left participants inspired, informed, and ready to take their entrepreneurial ideas to the next level.

The Genesis Centre offers regular learning sessions that support entrepreneurial growth and innovation. For more information visit the Genesis Centre in Room A1229 or send an email to genesis@stclaircollege.ca.