Move At Your Own Sport Event Kickoffs at College SportsPlex | St. Clair College
Thursday, January 12, 2023
Kim Willis, Mark McGuire, Joe Siddall, Bob Duff

Today, Toronto Blue Jay Tv Analyst and Windsorite Joe Siddall joined representatives from the upcoming event "Move at your Own Sport" presented by Give And Go Sport Education (GGSE) and Canadian Mental Health Association Windsor-Essex Branch for their media kickoff.

"Wayne Gretzky, Michael Jordan and Tom Brady are legends in their respective sports. They are also multi-sport athletes and credit their exposure and involvement in several sports as elements of their success. Increasingly athletes exposed to multiple-sports demonstrate improved health and wellness including decreased injury rates, improved athletic performance, improved leadership skills and teamwork, better attendance in school and better academic performance."
Mark McGuire, Give And Go Sport

"Any type of physical activity offers tremendous mental health benefits. However, focus on one sport can lead to heightened stress, anxiety and burnout. In some instances, this can lead to depression, addictions and eating disorders."
Kim Willis, Director of Communications & Mental Health Promotion, CMHA-WECB

"The College, Alumni Association and Saints Student Athletic Association are always happy to foster and publicize new research that has the potential to improve the quality of life of our community, especially its young people. The fundamental philosophy of Move At Your Own Sport is, I think, exemplified in the experience of many of our varsity athletes because almost all of them enjoy and excel in a number of sports. Our long-standing partnership with the Canadian Mental Health Association's local branch on several other projects and programs also led us to enthusiastically sponsor this latest initiative."
Dr. Patti France, President, St. Clair College

This first-of-its-kind forum is for local coaches, players, families and organizations is scheduled for Sunday, January 29, from 2-4 pm at the St. Clair College SportsPlex in South Windsor.

Joining this event will be a keynote from Joe Siddall, former Major League Baseball player and currently a commentator for the Toronto Blue Jays, and multiple gold medal-winning Paralympic swimmer Danielle Campo McLeod, to speak about how her own multi-sport experiences shaped her legacy as an elite, world-class athlete.

Move At Your Own Sport will explain how the seasonal multi-sport experience is of much more significant benefit to children in youth sports.

A panel of experts in the field of mental health, kinetic movement, youth sports and teen medicine will discuss the benefits they've seen in children who participate in seasonal multi-sports. They will also delve into the pitfalls that can result from the pursuit of early sport specialization.

All stakeholders will now have access to a researched teaching tool with input from several amateur sports organizations, professional athletes and national sporting advocate groups with the same message: that a growing body of research suggests that specialization—the intense, year-round practice of a single activity at the expense of others—is dangerous for the youngest athletes while picking a sport, later on, is in fact more likely to lead to a healthier athletic career.

Serving as moderator of the event will be Bob Duff; the long-time Windsor Star sports columnist and best-selling author is co-founder of the Give And Go Sports Education documentary.

Tickets are $50 per person and are available at

Proceeds from this event will fund the Give And Go Sport Education documentary to assist Canadian athletes, parents, educators, sports administrators and volunteers better understand the healthy sport/life balance.

The event is sponsored by the St. Clair College Alumni Association, Saints Student Athletic Association and the College.

Toronto Blue Jays Broadcaster Joe Siddall
Joe Siddall joins Saints Nation