Emerging Professional Student Award Winner Antoinette Jauniaux | St. Clair College
Friday, December 1, 2023
Antoinette getting award

Antoinette (Toni) Jauniaux was the recipient of the Emerging Professional Student Award which was awarded through the WERECEs initiative through the City of Windsor Children's Services on the Child Care Worker and E.C.E. Appreciation Day on October 17, 2023.

This award recognizes a post-secondary student, apprentice, or assistant in the field of Early Learning who holds the professional values of an Early Childhood Educator through their character and actions and whose goal is to become a Registered Early Childhood Educator.

"Toni registered for the ECE program in September 2022, at St. Clair College after years of being away from formal education and will be eligible to graduate in April 2024. Toni had started working at a childcare program and wanted to further her knowledge, skills and be able to register as an RECE."  said  Biagio Lattuca , Chair, School of Community Studies. "Toni is an excellent second year Early Childhood Education student and is a strong advocate for quality early childhood programs. She regularly participates in classroom discussions and shares her insight from her work with young children. Toni is an excellent group member and a great communicator. She is also kind and patient. Toni not only excels in the classroom, but also excels in her field placement experiences. Toni can plan excellent learning experiences for the children and forms meaningful relationships with the children during her short time on placement."