Cabana Road Construction Begins | St. Clair College
Tuesday, April 11, 2023
Cabana Entrance

The City of Windsor has announced today they have started construction on the portion of Cabana road between Mount Royal and Highway 3. This will result in construction delays for everyone coming through our Cabana road entrance.

There will be times when the intersection of Cabana and Geraedts road is closed.  Some will be short, one day closures and one will be a longer closure in mid-summer.  

We are in communication with the City of Windsor and the construction team and will communicate in advance, to the best of our ability, when the closures will take place.

Starting Monday, Transit Windsor has altered their bus routes and will be coming in through the Highway 3 entrance only.  Temporary bus stops have been posted and are depicted on the attached sketch.
Please use caution and patience when using Cabana during this time.  Construction is slated to begin early April and last for the rest of the year.