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Overdue Materials Fines

Type of Material Fine Amount Maximum Fine Per Item
Circulating Materials $0.25/day/item $25.00
Course Reserve (CR) $10.00/day/item $50.00

Fine amounts increase daily excluding Sundays and holidays.

Overdue Notice

An electronic notice will be sent to the borrower's college email indicating books borrowed, due dates, recalls, or overdue material. All users are responsible for monitoring email for items on loan and subsequent overdue material.

Library Account Holds and Encumbrances

Library Account holds will cause all borrowing privileges to stop and are put into effect if:

  • The total library fines are equal to or greater than $5.00
  • Library materials have not been returned and overdue fines have not been paid on any item which is overdue by 4 weeks

A college encumbrance is placed on patron accounts when the following occurs:

  • The total amount owing on a library account is greater than $50. This includes both the overdue fines and the cost of materials not returned.

Encumbrances and suspended accounts are only cleared when all overdue materials have been returned and all library fines have been paid. Classmarks/transcripts are withheld by the college until the account is cleared or at the discretion of St. Clair College administration.


If a patron disagrees with a levied fine they may appeal to the Director of Student Services by sending an email to

Lost/Damaged Materials

Patrons are monetarily responsible for the replacement of all damaged or lost library materials. The replacement cost for a book which is lost or damaged beyond repair includes the full acquisition cost of an available replacement copy (which may be a similar or updated work if an exact copy of the lost work is not available). Patrons who pay to replace a book are also responsible for the payment of any overdue fines associated with the book they are replacing.

A patron account will be charged the replacement cost of an item if it is overdue by more than four weeks. Only the replacement cost, and not accumulated overdue fines, is waived if the item is returned.