Cover Letter | St. Clair College

This letter from the Program Office is part of your request for a supervisor or peer letter.

Dear Colleague:

An instructor in the In-Service Teacher Training Certificate Program has asked you to complete this form to attest to his/her knowledge in specific areas of Modules II through V. Your letter will help this teacher as he/she attempts to receive advanced credit in the program.

Your comments are very important because they provide evidence that the teacher has learned what he/she claims. Here are some guidelines that we hope will help as you write your comments:

  • Review the module outcomes.
  • Remember that this is a documentation/attestation rather than a recommendation. We are more interested in verifying the teacher's prior learning of teaching skills than predicting future performance.
  • Assess whether or not the individual can perform the outcome or objective: Use examples, whenever possible to help us to make our determination on behalf of the potential student.
  • Sign this form and send it to the teacher who requested that you write the letter. Keep a copy for yourself. The teacher will forward your letter to us with other documentation.

Thank you for taking the time to write a thoughtful and candid assessment.

For the Program Team,

Program Support Officer