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Part 1

Identify the professor by name, the appropriate dates, your relationship to the professor (e.g., co-worker, supervisor, etc.), and a description of the position you held at the time you observed the competencies outlined in the Module outcomes.

I have known Bill Sutherland since 1988. He teaches in the automotive journeyman updating courses in the Automotive Training Centre at our College. I worked with him as a peer in 1988/89 and as his supervisor since 1990.

I am commenting on his skills and competencies as his supervisor.

Part 2

Please state and describe the professor's specific skills, knowledge, and competencies in your own words as they relate to:

Module 2 - Advanced Learning Strategies

Mr. Sutherland has proven to be an effective and knowledgeable instructor.

He has excellent working relationships with his peers and students. Bill deals with a lot of mature students and he is particularly skilled at making them feel at ease. He uses a variety of teaching approaches to accommodate various learning styles. He uses a combination of lectures and demonstrations and he gives the students opportunities to work in groups and individually.

I have had a number of students approach me after I have been in to evaluate his instruction and they have told me he is one of the more motivating instructors they have had.

Bill completed a course on Special Needs last year and is very knowledgeable of the institutional resources that are on hand if someone needs some help.

Module 3 - Advanced Educational Planning

Mr. Sutherland is one of the better-organized faculty in our unit. He keeps up-to-date and is constantly updating his curriculum materials. He develops detailed lesson plans that expand on the Ministry requirements so that students have a meaningful experience in the shop. Bill tells me he has included examples of learning objectives he has written with his portfolio.

When designing his instruction Bill incorporated a variety of media and delivery techniques at the planning stage.

Module 4 - Advanced Instructional Delivery

As I mentioned earlier Bill uses a variety of delivery approaches. He uses lectures and demonstrations. He has also developed two modules that cover theory so that students can work on these in a self-directed mode. He uses videotapes and slide presentations where appropriate.

Module 5 - Advanced Instructional Evaluation

Bill teaches his students that evaluation is a positive thing that can lead to their growth. His tests are clearly explained to the group and administered fairly. He also gives a lot of accurate timely feedback during the shop work so that students know exactly where they stand.

The students complete an evaluation of the course after the second last class and as part of our department planning, Bill has had a professional development plan in place for the last two years.

If you need more details please call me at 1-807-475-6666.

I have reviewed the above outcome statements/objectives and agree that the individual has sufficient experience and/or course work to indicate that they have already achieved competency in them. I have made sure to include specific examples to substantiate where possible.




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