Ford Centre for Excellence in Manufacturing | St. Clair College

Highlights of the Facility:

  • 100,000 square feet of space, featuring the same technology and equipment that is used in the industry
  • Five high-end CAD centres
  • Five precision metal cutting labs
  • High-speed machining facilities
  • Fluid power labs
  • Industrial automation labs
  • Plastics lab
  • CMM (Coordinate Measuring Machine) metrology lab
  • An applied research facility

The Ford Centre for Excellence in Manufacturing, located at St. Clair College's Main Windsor campus, delivers high-quality training in the engineering and manufacturing technology industry. This state-of-the-art teaching facility gives students hands-on training using some of the world's most sophisticated technology offered in a single college setting.

This includes 5-axis CNC machines, state-of-the-art plastic injection moulding machines, wire-cut EDM, and Rapid Prototyping machines.

The credentials graduates receive are well recognized by industry and offer people the opportunity to enter a wide variety of careers in the manufacturing sector.

Programs Offered:

The Ford Centre for Excellence hosts a full range of programs offering the theory, technical skills and knowledge to help you move your career in Engineering Technology forward.

Applied Research and Development

The Applied Research and Development department houses labs within the FCEM to provide research-based solutions and technical services to support the evolution of industry. These labs provide an opportunity for researchers and students to participate in projects solving industry challenges in the advanced manufacturing areas of robotics, additive manufacturing, simulation, and the industrial internet of things. These research areas reflect and extend the program offerings within the FCEM to provide students with work-integrated learning opportunities and expose faculty to the latest trends in advanced manufacturing. Applied Research and Development at St. Clair College provides expertise, talent, and research to develop cutting-edge products/processes that can be integrated within industry.


Apprenticeship metal-cutting programs that run out of the FCEM:

  • 429A General Machining
  • 430A Mould Making
  • 431A Tool & Die Maker 
  • 433A Industrial Mechanical Millwright

Automotive Product Design

Designers develop components for the automotive industry including intricate interior and exterior systems that improve a vehicle's appearance, comfort and overall performance. They also play a major role in research and development and systems testing.

  • Occupations: Product Designer, Research & Development, Engineering Technology Supervisor, Estimator.


As a Mechanical Technician, you will decide how a product is to be manufactured, including the types of machines and processes required to take a project from concept through to completion.

  • Occupations: Designer/CAM specialist, CMM Operator, Quality Control Personnel, CNC Operator

Chemical Laboratory Technology

A combination of chemical laboratory and chemical process skills, this program provides hands-on learning in a laboratory environment and combines the theoretical principals to be successful in the chemical industry.

  • Occupations: Quality control, environmental monitoring, chemical engineering technologist, product sales, technical support.

Electronics Engineering Technology - Industrial Automation

Technologists design and install robotic/fixed automation systems and work cells in a manufacturing environment.

  • Occupations: Process Technicians, Control Designers, Control Specialists, Process Planners and Product Designers with manufacturers and users of electrical and electronic equipment.

Mechanical Engineering Technician – Industrial

The Industrial Technician is an integral part of the manufacturing team. They have a depth of skills that include welding, fabricating and repair capabilities, with the responsibility to maintain machinery and equipment. This includes the repair and installation of pneumatics and hydraulics. They also possess basic electrical skills.

  • Occupations: Machine Tool/Builder Integrator, Prototype Maker, Apprentice in the Millwright field.