Plumbing Practical II | St. Clair College
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This "hands on" course continues from Plumbing Theory I and builds on will prepare the student to make quality joints as required for shop projects. By practicing the techniques taught the student will be able to safely transport, set up and use Oxy-acetylene torches, "B" tanks, Propane or Butane torches. Joint preparation, purpose of flux, proper tip use and heat will be shown. Cutting mild steel using a torch as well as soldering copper using both hard and soft solders will be demonstrated and practiced. Calculations for offsets of varying degrees, preparing and assembling of projects using skills learned from the other courses in the program will be demonstrated. Skills are required for the rigging of loads in order to move or hoist materials, equipment or tools in a safe and professional manner according to the O.H.S.A. and C.S.A.O. Skills learned from the other courses in the program will again be demonstrated by the student by drawing, designing and assembling a simple residential drainage, waste and vent system or part of such system either alone or with a partner.