Plumbing Practical I | St. Clair College
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In this "hands on" practical course, the student will be instructed in the safe and proper use of hand tools and power equipment. The student will be expected to use, care for and maintain various tools necessary to perform a plumbing related task. Students will be expected to measure, cut, and make a quality joint for all the various plumbing pipe materials and fittings including steel, copper, various plastics and glass using appropriate tools in a safe manner. Calculations for offsets of varying degrees, preparing and assembling of projects using skills learned from the other courses in the program will be demonstrated. Safety, rigging and hoisting are criteria required for apprentices in the plumbing trade in order to develop safety and awareness on a construction site. Skills learned from the other courses in the program will be demonstrated by the student by drawing, designing and assembling a simple residential drainage, waste and vent system or part of such system either alone or with a partner.