Engine Design II | St. Clair College
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This course introduces students to the IC engine intake and exhaust system design for fuel economy and for maximum power. Emphasis is on head design. Its main activity is a research project where students dissect and inspect several engines of different design, investigate and document port designs, prepare heads and setups for flow testing, prepare and/or use flow diagnostic tools, mold port cores, prepare port CAD models, test heads on flow benches, evaluate flow conditions, decide on and implement design improvements, retest and reassemble heads and engines. Students may be assigned an alternate powertrain-related design and/or research project, including the evolving powertrain technologies. Students prepare engineering reports structured for product research and development work and engineering reporting in general, and discuss and exchange results of their research. Other lecture topics include engine testing, engine dynamometer construction and operation, generation of engine characteristics, lubricants, emissions, component identification, relationships between piston, crankshaft, camshaft, and valve movements, combustion systems as defined by variable valve lift, timing, and phasing, SI engine ignition systems, and IC engine Electronic Control System.