Suspension & Steering Design | St. Clair College
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This course introduces students to design of steering and suspension systems and components. Besides studies of design features from the steering wheel and vehicle frame to the tire contact patch, students learn design practices addressing system kinematics, kinematic alterations, and elastokinematic alterations. Additional topics include static and dynamic loading and handling, and introduction to mass-spring-damper models employing differential equations. In their CAE labs and design projects, students design parametric vehicle frames and kinematically-proper steering and suspension systems, study suspension and steering system kinematics and kinematic alterations, iterate their designs to minimize toe-in bump and roll alterations, and prepare steering curves. Students learn to manipulate and simulate kinematics of the systems they design. Mockup and automotive service shop hands on activities include inspection, identification, and operation of systems and components. Simulation, rendering, and presentation techniques practiced are applicable to all areas of mechanical engineering technology, especially when complex motions are employed.