Clinical Microbiology B | St. Clair College
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This course is a continuation of Clinical Microbiology A and will include conventional techniques and procedures used in a clinical microbiology laboratory. Topics will include the theory and principles of sample collection, processing, incubation, evaluation and reporting of relevant clinical pathogens and normal flora isolated from a variety of patient samples. Discussion will include isolation and identification procedures for aerobic Gram negative cocci, some fastidious Gram negative bacilli, anaerobic organisms, spore forming and non-spore forming Gram positive bacilli, Mycobacterium species, Mycoplasma sp., Rickettsia sp. Legionella sp. spirochetes, and some clinically significant viruses, parasites and fungal pathogens commonly recovered from clinical specimens. An introduction to the study of pathogenic fungi and parasites. Various diagnostic procedures performed in a clinical laboratory to recover and identify these microorganisms will be practiced. Automated systems will also be discussed.